Coenraad & Ane | Couple Shoot in Rainy Pretoria

Pretoria East Photographer

This couple shoot was magic like in full on double rainbows and golden light streaming through the clouds. Pretoria, sometimes you amaze me.

Baby Olivia | Family Photoshoot in Pretoria

First Family Photography in Pretoria by Major and Me

Here is a little sneak peek of baby Olivia’s first official family photoshoot we did in Pretoria. The photoshoot took place at a family home and this sweetheart loves the camera! It’s hard not to say aaaaah at every photo of this cutie patootie and her a beautiful mommy! Olivia is ± 3 months in […]

Marnina & Henrique | Pretoria Botanical Couple Photoshoot

Pretoria Botanical Gardens Couple Photography by Major and Me

Marnina & Henrique Botanical Couple Photoshoot