WP & Williche | Bloemfontein AirBnB Engagement

This engagement photoshoot is one of my favourites! I probably have said that before but it’s hard not too when the couple is this cute!

Coenraad & Ane | Couple Shoot in Rainy Pretoria

Pretoria East Photographer

This couple shoot was magic like in full on double rainbows and golden light streaming through the clouds. Pretoria, sometimes you amaze me.

Bianca & Jeandre | Pretoria Stormy Couple

Pretoria Couple Shoot

We got pretty close to the storm and the results were just amazing! Here is a sneak peek from Bianca & Jeandre’s stormy couple shoot in Pretoria.

Marnina & Henrique | Pretoria Botanical Couple Photoshoot

Pretoria Botanical Gardens Couple Photography by Major and Me

Marnina & Henrique Botanical Couple Photoshoot