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My Why

Major and Me came to life with the help of my husband (he is the Major in Major & Me) and I could not be here without him – I know I know, super cheesy, but it’t the truth. Major & Me started with our life’s journey together.

I have a mild addiction to coffee. I will literally eat anything that is spicy or has chilli in it. I love my two dogs – they are my children. I love traveling with my husband and exploring the new. I love the little things.

The little things is what I try to capture in my photos.

your Story

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I am not here to tell you what love is and how complicated and beautiful it is, as I know the connection you share with the people close to you is unique and worth celebrating no matter how you express your togetherness.

You have decided that you want to document your story so that you can revisit it and share it with generations to come. That is why I am here, to capture your story the way you should remember it.

My approach

I am not just going to show up and point my camera at you, I would like to go beyond that for you. My approach on capturing your story is personal and modest, although I do give direction to spark a connection (rhymes for days LOL) when needed, but mostly I try to interfere as little as possible to document those raw moments. Not some unrealistic version of yourselves, as anyone can take that photo.

I only use natural light, natural light is where the magic happens! It also allows me to focus on your togetherness.

I am always keen to venture out and climb a mountain with you or staying in doors and capturing you in your most natural habitat, that one spot on your couch where you always cuddle up – but what really matters is that after this experience you love each other even more!

So think we will be a good fit to work together?

Reach out and let’s create something special!

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